There’s more to it than grammar!

The main reason many people struggle to communicate effectively in English is not bad grammar!

The chances are, that they know so-called English grammar inside out and have top grades. The problem is, they haven’t learnt the stress patterns or how we use words in predictable phrases that ‘sound’ right to native speakers.

They might come across as abrupt or impolite to native speakers, not because the words are incorrect. It’s just a lack of awareness of culture and the nuances of influencing and negotiating. What they need is not more English lessons or grammar exercises.

The need role models, a good mentor and lots of listening. Do you have people in your organisation who could do with some guidance?

We’re looking for specific people. Is this you?

We’re  looking for very specific people……. Is this you?

You are already very competent in your role, you have all the technical skills, but you know that you are hindered by your lack of fluency because English is not your mother tongue.

– You feel embarrassed and vulnerable when you need to present in meetings.

– You go blank when it’s your turn to speak.

– You can’t find the words you need to express all that knowledge you have.

– You’re constantly second-guessing yourself because you don’t know if you are saying the right thing…

-You’re tired of feeling uncomfortable and awkward when you are speaking English.

You’re serious about improving your English and sound more natural, but what you’ve done in the past hasn’t worked. You crave swift improvement, but you know that you have neither the time nor the inclination to work through endless grammar exercises again.

We have some options to offer. This is NOT for everyone. This is ONLY for you if:

– you already have a proficient level of English AND  are ready to commit to action to make a change.

So you will:

  • – have the vocabulary you NEED to express yourself ….
  • – KNOW when something SOUNDS right … –
  • FEEL confident and natural when you’re speaking English… Send us a message if this resonates and you’re ready to talk

Where did English come from?

Where did English come from?

Have you ever wondered why there are some words in English that you automatically understand, or some words whose meaning you can guess just from the shape of them?

As you’ve probably worked out by now, English has a complicated vocabulary system. And the spelling often seems to have no connection with the pronunciation!

This is because English has been influenced by many other languages and has evolved over time, with sounds shifting and changing and lots of words ‘borrowed’ from those other languages.

This fascinating short video will give you an overview of the origins of English and show that languages across the world belong to groups or families.

So we are all linked in some way, and that can help us all to connect and communicate!

Where did English come from? By Claire Bowern

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