Lesley Hossner

I have been a coach and trainer for over 25 years.  I have taught languages, including English, with people in many types of organisation and worked as a trainer for 7 years in a global union organisation.  My underlying passion has always been discovering how people learn best and guiding them and supporting them to do it quickly and effectively.  I am an expert in Accelerated Learning and  NLP coach and like to use a varied approach to enable you to learn to communicate confidently in English.  I use a wide variety of materials and encourage you to listen to a wide selection of spoken language, rather than just focussing on grammar and rules.  My philosophy is: ‘if it works, then do it!’   There are no rules.  No need to get disheartened and bogged down in grammar drills and vocabulary lists. I help you to use the language in context and stories so that you will remember it.

I believe that the English language is a wonderful evolving thing, to be enjoyed in all its forms – not an academic exercise.  With my coach’s hat on, I will guide you past your mistakes and help you to feel confident so you can perfect presentions and deliver speeches clearly and with conviction.  I will help you to understand how to network and make small talk with English speakers, which can often be a mystery for non-native speakers!  I have a great sense of humour and love to play with words and find connections between languages.

I speak fluent German and French and passable Spanish and Italian.  Most of my language learning was not in an academic setting ( I learnt German while working in a factory in the Westerwald aged 18) and I have studied the process and psychology of learning for many years.

I love film, theatre and literature and enjoy the culture that London offers. I also travel frequently and have friends all over the world.  I appreciate cooking and eating good food, good wine and all types of music.  Although I love the buzz of London and other big cities,  I am very happy walking in the countryside and by the sea.  I would like to adopt another dog quite soon to add to my amazing family.

Alison Hancock

I have always had a great love of language and communication and an appreciation for the ways in which we connect with each other – and have always enjoyed helping others to make their own journey towards a confident understanding. I have taught, trained and coached for more than 30 years in the world of English Language learning, in corporate, commercial and academic settings, but I have never forgotten what it was like to struggle to communicate when I first arrived in Italy (where I lived and worked for over thirteen years). However, I mastered the language, becoming a fluent speaker (and later teacher) of Italian.   

So I understand exactly what is involved in improving and developing your ability to speak another language with ease – so that you can feel confident that you are being your true self in that language.

I have a thorough understanding of the English language system, of different methods and techniques including NLP and Accelerated Learning, and can help you identify your key areas for improvement. This could be certain sound combinations in your pronunciation of English, developing your fluency, or just sounding more relaxed when you speak, whether for day-to-day communication, delivering presentations or reports, participating in meetings and so on. Or you may want to improve your written communication. Whatever you need, I believe learning should be as relaxed as possible – and that enjoyment is key to success.

I have a passion for theatre and in my spare time am an actress. My understanding of the pronunciation and intonation of English has helped me in many of my stage roles, finding that I am always learning something new. I find that, whether on stage or off, theatre brings me into contact with people of all different ages and backgrounds, which is good for the soul! I also enjoy music and travelling, and years spent in Italy have ensured my love of good food and good wine. Happily, my wonderful family is fully supportive of all these interests and can always be persuaded to join me!

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